The Classic ES412 Cleancut Personal Shaver. Formerly branded as the Seiko and then Seiko S-Yard Cleancut. Now the ID Corp ES412 Cleancut™

ES412 Cleancut Personal Shaver

 "WOW! That's one word to describe how amazed I'm with your shaver. I took a chance with you after buying the Body Bare shaver which was a disappointment. I took the chance because your knowledge and specifics on your web convinced me you did your research. Your shaver and razor  work so much faster and closer.  Thanks!." - John

The ES412 Cleancut Shaver is the standard by which all other personal shavers are compared. Other personal shavers come and go, but the ES412 (which is the base product for our Stellar™ shavers) soldiers on because no other mass produced personal shaver is as well made or performs as satisfactorily as the ES412. The ES412 Cleancut is manufactured in Japan, where quality of workmanship is still a source of personal pride. The ES412 has been manufactured by the same company for many years and reflects the Japanese disinclination to change simply for change’s sake. The ES412 Cleancut Shaver has proven to be a durable and most capable design. The turned “Stainless Steel” finish not only has a classic “retro” look, but provides an attractive nonslip surface for a firm, controlled grip. 

While the ES412 has a timeless look, the “working end” of the ES412; the motor, blades and foil, has been continuously upgraded to reflect cutting edge advancements in shaver manufacturing technology. To ensure an efficient and nick free shave, the motor has been designed to provide high torque at lower speeds over the life of the battery. In contrast the high speed, low torque motors found on other shavers rapidly drains the battery and increases the chances of a painful “nick.” The design of the slots (holes) in the foil is the key to a shave free of cuts and nicks. It’s a delicate balancing act of shape and size. The slots must be large enough to allow hairs in to be cut, but still keep delicate skin out, all the while having a slot shape (in relation to the blades) that captures the hairs and ensures an efficient “clean cut” of the hair at the skin line. To obtain the necessary tolerances, the blades and foil of the ES412 are manufactured using an advanced proprietary etching technique. The design of the ES412 foil has been copied by other manufacturers numerous times, but their comparatively primitive manufacturing techniques don’t allow their foils to approach the closeness and safety of the ES412’s foil. 

NOTE: NO TRIMMER IS INCLUDED. No electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair longer than stubble. Either blade shave first or purchase a Model PS335 Cleancut “No Nick” Trimmer (available separately.) It is recommended that Sween medical grade dry lubricating powder (available separately or at checkout) be applied to the area to be shaved as a dry lubricant (prevents the foil from sticking to the skin.) The ES412 includes a cleaning brush and instruction manual. C-cell battery not included.


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