Hovan's Medi Cream aka The Bikini Saver.


Hovans Medi Cream / Bikini Saver

 Every hair removal method, waxing, laser or even our very own Stellars and Cleancuts, can result in in-grown hairs. The problem is usually worse in specific areas, like the inner thigh (bikini-line). If you're doing a "full removal," including the front area over the pubic bone, you can just about count on in-grown hairs.

For a long time we've been selling PFB Vanish for use in battling in-grown hairs and razor bumps because we know it works. It's the yard stick by which every other similar product is measured. We've been offered the opportunity to sell plenty of similar products, including some very well-known national brands, and we turned them down. Why? Frankly, because they don't work. We tested them, and you might as well have used straight water.

So imagine our surprise when we tried Medi Cream / Bikini Saver. The first thing that caught our eye is that it's from Australia, which is like the Silicon Valley of the hair removal business. Some of the products from Australia are rubbish, but an amazing number of them are truly excellent, especially their waxing and related products. Waxing, by its very nature, has a reputation for ingrown hairs. This is because the hair re-grows from under the skin, trapping the hair just under the skin surface, resulting in in-grown hairs and "wax rash." But the Aussies have addressed the problem with a South of the Equator Attitude. They've used natural products for their active ingredients.

Hovans could have used synthetic ingredients and had the same results, but the Aussies and many of our customers prefer the natural version. Second, Medi Cream / Bikini Saver has a cream, rather than an alcohol, base. Alcohol makes an extremely effective base for carrying the active ingredients in lotions, but the effect of rubbing an alcohol-based product on a freshly-shaved beaver is chilling at best (and stinging at worst). The buttery feel of Bikini Saver Plus is soothing, not jolting.

Most importantly, it works. After waxing or shaving, rub a small amount on the treated area for 30 seconds. Repeat daily. For severe cases, use morning and night for two weeks then daily thereafter. Contains 1/2 oz. of product.


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